Fund Clearing

«First Sino Bank» leverages on its Internet Banking and in-house real-time fund transfer system to provide interbank and inter-region RMB fund clearing services for banking institutions such as foreign-invested banks and local commercial banks. The service includes internal fund clearing and agency payment.
Applicable Clients
Foreign-invested banks in China, or local commercial banks with under-developed internal fund transfer system.
Service Flow
1.Customer requests for fund clearing;
2.Sketch a fund clearing plan as required;
3.Sign fund clearing agreement with the customer;
4.Open standby fund account at Bank and deposit adequate provisional fund;
5.Depository bank of payee in other city receives the fund transfer voucher, completes the transfer, and advises payee.
Subject to regulations of the People's Bank of China - under regulatory arrangement, principal bank pays 50% service fee and 100% TT expenses; under agency agreement, the principal bank pays 200% service fee and 100% TT expenses.