Credit Asset Transfer

«First Sino Bank» RMB or FX loans released to other financial institutions or banks with liquidity problems due to shortage of capital or mismatch tenor between assets and liabilities.
Different from RMB or FX loans through China interbank market, such loans usually with a term of 4 months to 5 years and require a separate contact or agreement to be signed.
Service Category
Single loan or facility loan.
Applicable Clients
Banks or non-banking institutions: commercial banks, credit cooperatives, trust investment companies, leasing companies, securities companies, insurance companies or financial companies.
Service Flow
1.Borrowing party applies single loan or credit facility loan for «First Sino Bank»;
2.Once approved, sign Single Loan Contract or Facility Loan Contract with «First Sino Bank»;
3.Release Loan (in the case of single drawdown, fill in Application for Drawdown of RMB, FX Facility Loan. Once approved «First Sino Bank» issues RMB FX Facility Loan Advice. Use the advice to proceed.
No separate contact needed to be signed);
4.Pay back the loan at maturity.
RMB loans reference the PBOC rate of the same term or less. FX loans refer the overseas inter-bank rate and subject to negotiation between the parties.