Insurance cover

The program provides insurance against various risks of property that the Policyholder owns as property, as well as property taken in trust, rent, leasing, pledge and on other legal grounds, as well as purchased on credit and which is the guarantee of this loan, including:

  • fire, lightning strike, explosion;
  • hydraulic system failures;
  • explosion of steam boilers, gas storages, gas pipelines, machines, apparatuses;
  • unlawful actions of third parties;
  • hitting a vehicle, bulk ship;
  • the fall of flying objects and their parts;
  • natural hazards;

  • You can apply for a policy in any department «First Sino Bank».

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    Comprehensive Insurance
  • A preliminary inspection and inventory of property is not required.


    Comprehensive Insurance
  • Just choose the amount of insurance cover that suits you, pay for the policy and activate it within 14 days.


    Comprehensive Insurance

​Insurance Coverage Amount

The Stable Business program supports entrepreneurs who are focused on growth and development, increase profits of your business and minimize costs.

Corporate customers of the bank have the opportunity to insure the business against several risks at once in one program.

Property insurance
Loss insurance
Liability Insurance
Accident insurance