Leasing, or financial leasing, is the best way to purchase vehicles to solve business problems, as well as personal goals of company owners or individual entrepreneurs.

Get transport and save on taxes.

  • Discounts from dealers and manufacturers. You can purchase special transport vehicles of leading Russian and foreign brands
  • Solution in 8 hours. Application review without financial documents
  • Tax benefits. You can return up to 20% VAT of the cost of leasing transport

  • The leased asset itself is the security of the contract; no additional collateral is required.

    Lack of collateral

    The benefits of leasing?
  • Leasing payments are included in cost, therefore, the tax base for income tax is reduced. Due to accelerated depreciation, property tax is reduced.

    Tax reduction

    The benefits of leasing?
  • You simply fill out the application and select the transport of the desired model, we will take care of the further processing.

    Time saving

    The benefits of leasing?

Leasing for business

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