The main goal of Strategy 2024

Implementing initiatives that will enable the Bank to reach a new level of competitiveness, which makes it possible to compete with global technology companies, remaining the best bank for partners and business.

The key task for the Bank is to increase the scale of the business, increase profitability and efficiency while increasing flexibility, speed and customer focus. on the basis of the introduction of new technologies and the education of new people quality.

This can be achieved primarily through the formation of a better customer experience, not only in the financial sector, but also in other industries, through the integration of modern technologies in all products, services and processes of the bank, as well as the development of effective management.

We have to complete the technological transformation of our current financial business, while maintaining the functionality and reliability of existing IT systems, complete the creation of a new platform.

Key strategic priorities

  • Best customer experience and ecosystems, in finance and other areas of a client’s life.
  • Technology leadership, reliability and efficiency, a new platform, company security, driven by data and innovation algorithms.
  • People of new quality in effective teams, new team competencies instead of hierarchy, modern culture and HR.