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Settlement Services – Telephone POS Settlement (TPOS)

TPOS is a brand new payment tool that combines the telephone and the POS. It can be used as a normal telephone and also offers inter-bank collection and payment.
1. Funds arrive in real time.
2. Widely applicable. Support all CUP debit cards issued by all banks.
3. Easy to use, safe and low cost.
4. Outward remittance allowed.
5. Local standard Union-Pay fee rate is applied for all inter-bank inward transfers. 50% off for all inter-bank outward transfers, that is, 5‰ of the transfer amount - lowest RMB 1 and highest RMB 25. No fees for gold card holders.
Target Customers:
Designed for small businesses in the wholesale market that has no centralized cashier service.
Application Materials:
1. Photocopy of the original and copy of Business license (affixed with the merchant’s official seal);
2. Photocopy of the Tax Registration Certificate or the Fixed-amount Tax Payment Certification Letter (affixed with the merchant’s official seal);
3. Photocopy of the ID card of the owner’s (affixed with the merchant’s official seal);
4. Photocopy of the House Lease Contract or House Purchase Contract for the operations premises.