Depersonalized metal accounts

No risk of loss

No need to worry about safety, like with bullion or coins

Easy to buy and sell

Purchase at the Bank in 2 minutes. Just pay by card, no documents needed. Can be sold at any time


You can start by buying just 1 g of silver and 0.1 g of gold, platinum or palladium

No extra spending

Free account opening, no metal storage costs, no VAT when buying and selling

Convenient to manage

Your ongoing participation in account management is not required. The account is unlimited - you do not have to periodically reissue

Why invest in precious metals

A good way to save 5 grams of gold today is the same 5 grams of gold and in 10 years. Metals may rise in price or cheaper, but historically their value is growing

An anonymized metal account is a convenient way to invest money in a precious metal and earn on the growth of its value

Convenient long-term investment Many investors around the world store part of the savings in gold and other metals for many years

Own the asset for as long as you like. If you wish, observe price changes

When quotes reach the level you need, sell metal