Requisites «First Sino Bank»

Date of foundation of the Bank: March 20, 1997
Information about business licenses: The single code of social credit 913100006073684694
Company name: «First Sino Bank»
Type of: Limited Liability Company
(a joint venture of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao)
Legal representative: Ma Lixin
Registered capital: 210,000.10 million yuan
Working period from: March 20, 1997
Work period to: No limit
Registration Authority: Shanghai Market Surveillance Authority
Address: Room 101, 18, 19 and 20, Block A, 1168 Century Avenue, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Head Office Address: New Shanghai International Tower, 200120 Shanghai, China
Mailing address: New Shanghai International Tower, 200120 Shanghai, China
Phone fax: +86 21 03514523
Trademark Registration Number: 9479192
Category: 36
Date of commencement of the exclusive right to a trademark: from January 14, 2014
Expiration date of the exclusive right to a trademark: on January 13, 2024
Head Office New Shanghai International Tower 200120 Shanghai, China
Shenzhen Branch Tower B 518048 Shenzhen, China
Tianjin Branch Xindu Tower 300073 Tianjin, China
Field of activity: Managing currency and business in RMB for all types of clients in the following areas: absorption of government deposits, issuance of short-term, medium-term and long-term loans, processing of acceptance and discounting of bills, purchase and sale of government bonds, financial bonds, trading in securities in foreign currency, except for shares; Provision of services and guarantees for a letter of credit, management of domestic and international settlements, trade, agent trading in foreign currency, agent insurance, participation in interbank lending, participation in banking card activities, the provision of safe services, the provision of investigative services and advising in the field of credit; Other businesses approved. [Projects subject to approval in accordance with the law may be carried out after approval by the relevant departments].