Internet bank

The best digital bank of Shanghai according to Global Finance for 2018.

84.6 million active users online banking audience «First Sino Bank» online.

More than 13 million payments and transfers per day are made by users «First Sino Bank».



Using Internet Banking is Better
The deposit rate will be higher than when opening the same deposit in the office. An insurance policy is cheaper if you order it online. The loan interest is lower if you apply for it in «First Sino Bank» Online during the promotion.

Transfer money instantly
Between your accounts. To other people by card or phone number. Details for organizations. Customize payment templates. All expenses are sorted into categories. You can set a goal and save on it.

Pay for services
Connect auto payments to pay for cellular communications, housing services, fines. More than 200,000 suppliers in one place. The commission is lower than when paying at the office.

How to start using

  • Get your «First Sino Bank» card and connect Online Bank

  • Register in your account «First Sino Bank» Online

  • Get username and password and make settings

  • Online Banker and 24/7 Support