Funds borrowed from other banks by transferring ownership of unmatured credit assets according to agreement signed.
Service Category
Two types: Buy-out and Repo.
*In the case of buy-out, after the transfer, the borrower repays principal and interest to assignee, who is now the new creditor.
*Under repurchase agreement, the entity (assignor) giving the asset promises to buy back without penalty on a certain date at a stated price. The assignor remains as the creditor.
Applicable Clients
Banks and financial institutions - commercial banks, policy banks, financial companies, trust investment companies, asset management companies, leasing companies.
Service Flow
1.Application submitted by the assignor 5 banking days in advance;
2. Once approved by the assignee and a line of credit is secured, both parties sign the Agreement of Credit Asset Transfer and proceed.
Negotiate between both parties in view of the risk assessed.