Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking represents a range of round-the-clock financial services offered via wireless network for customers to perform banking transactions through mobile devices. At present, main function of First Sino Bank Mobile Banking is for customers to pay different bills - repay credit card, top up mobile phone, pay telephone fee, pay public utility bill, buy flight ticket, and other services depending on what local branches could serve. Moreover, mobile users can also use First Sino Bank Mobile Banking to manage their accounts opened in other banks. No need to check account balance in the counter any more, you can do it on mobile facilities.
Manage accounts in other banks. Anytime, anywhere you can cross-check the balances in the accounts opened in up to ten different banks and pool the funds into one accoun to know the balance conveniently.
Top up mobile phone/pay utility bills. You may prefer to save the trouble of paying all utility bills (water, gas, electricity) and topping up your mobile phone (run by China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom) by First Sino Bank Mobile Banking, anytime, anywhere.
Repay credit card of other banks. Instead of running around different banks every month before the repayment date, just handle all your credit cards bills with First Sino Bank Mobile Banking as easily as you wish.
Buy lottery tickets/games card. Now buy lottery tickets anytime by First Sino Bank Mobile Banking, make all your dreams of becoming a millionaire which could be just one lottery draw away. Your lucky money will be deposited into your bank account automatically.
It's easy, fast, and convenient to buy or top up jcard through First Sino Bank Mobile Banking services. All the discounts, 3000 games and Q coins at your choice.
Buy flight ticket. First Sino Bank Mobile Banking also contains flight tickets booking service. Users can choose any domestic flight available via First Sino Bank Mobile Banking. Just for traveling people like you- save time, save trouble, easy booking, easy journey!