One-Stop Service, Zero Distance

Our mission:
Defines the meaning and content of the «First Sino Bank», activity, emphasizing its crucial role in the economy of Shanghai. Our clients, their needs, dreams and goals are the basis of all activities of the bank as an organization. The Bank’s mission also sets the ambitious goal of our aspirations - to become one of the best financial companies in China. High goals are achieved by a team of like-minded people who are united by a common system of values.

Our values:
Our values ​​are the basis of the attitude towards life and work, an internal compass that helps to make decisions in difficult situations, principles that we always and everywhere adhere to. These benchmarks of the Bank, which help us make the right decisions in all situations.

Bank rules

  • Be more than just a bank.
  • Show attention to each client.
  • Build relationships, not sell a product.
  • Improve yourself and your surroundings daily.
  • Do not use the weaknesses of our customers.
  • Observe not only the letter, but also the spirit of the requirements of the law.
  • Every employee is a face of the Bank.
  • Teamwork, overall success is everyone’s success.