Insider and Manipulation

The Bank's securities are traded on the trading floors of the People's Republic of China, the United States of America and the European Union. The Bank's task is to protect the legitimate interests of customers and investors, and to observe bidders' rules of market behavior when conducting transactions in financial markets.
The Bank is implementing measures to prevent the misuse of insider information and market manipulation.

The following shall be disclosed among interested parties upon request:
Insider Information «First Sino Bank».
Information for insiders related parties.
Politics «First Sino Bank» to counteract the misuse of insider information and market manipulation.
Insider Information List.
Appeal to organizations (Bank customers) obliged to maintain a list of insiders.

Financial instruments for which the Bank insider is required to notify «First Sino Bank» about the perfect operation:
Stock Information.
Debt Instrument Details.

If you become aware of the misuse of insider information or market manipulation, report it in any convenient way.