Personal Internet Banking

The new generation Personal Internet Banking matches with the new generation core banking system of «First Sino Bank». It delivers more comprehensive, more convenient, faster and safer Internet Banking services to meet the diversified needs of the online customers, who will find the new First Sino Internet Banking system a new experience to use. Under the customer-oriented philosophy, First Sino new generation Personal Internet Banking has two versions: Signed Edition and Certificate Edition to cater for different types of customers in terms of the services and functions, the entry level and the security.

New generation Personal Internet Banking has the following features and benefits:

1. Safe and reliable. In no way certificate information stored in First Sino Shield can be exported and copied under the rigorous digital certification system that has passed the national security authentication. Other measures include customer authentication and client ActiveX. In the Signed Edition, transfer and remittance are protected by the additional SMS verification code.
2. Strong functions. A/C management, investment and wealth management, transfer and remittance, payment of bills and others are some of the 170+ personalized functions for you to choose from.
3. Pre-installed certificate. Digital certificate is pre-installed in First Sino Shield. No need for you to download. Just insert the First Sino Shield into your computer and straight away login First Sino website.
4. Account details at a glance. All your First Sino cards and accounts are displayed in a list under your customer No. and sorted by deposit, loan, credit card or wealth management, with total on your assets and liabilities.
5. Integrated wealth management services. All wealth management services including personal wealth management, precious metal, fund, third party depositary, online loan, credit card are bundled under Personal Internet Banking for the fast and easy access.
6. Remittance discount Offer. Big discounts are offered on the published fee for remittance transactions. Different options are available for you to remit money depending on when your remittance is credited to your payee's account:
1) Free of charge for remittances via Internet Banking to accounts in «First Sino Bank» or in other banks if you use First Sino debit card - Gold Card/Platinum Card/Diamond Card.
2) Free of charge for real-time remittances to accounts in other banks if you use First Sino debit card - Classic Card; 90% discount if the remittance is credited into your payee's account one day later, 50% discount for other types of remittances.