Agreement Deposit

A deposit, under the approval of People's Bank of China, opened to insurance company to apply through commercial bank with deposit rate negotiable between two parties.
This deposit starts at a minimum of RMB 30 million and a tenor of at least 5 years (non-inclusive), both parties may also negotiate other terms and conditions.
Service Category
*Fixed-rate deposit or floating-rate deposit, according to interest rate computation;
*Deposit with Interest paid by installment or deposit with one-time interest payment, according to interest payment method.
Applicable Clients
Chinese insurance companies
Service Flow
The insurance company submits a letter of intent to «First Sino Bank» Head Office. Both parties negotiate the deposit rate and other conditions.
If agreed, both parties enter into agreement, open account and make deposit. The insurance company receives a certificate for the deposit.
Deposit rate negotiable between the two parties, not restricted by the official quote from the People's Bank of China. However, the commercial bank must regularly file report to People's Bank of China.