Internet Fund

Subscribe/Buy: subscribe through First Sino Bank Internet Banking the open-end funds during offering period or buy open-end funds beyond the offering period.
Redeem: sell the open-end funds already bought.
Convert: switch the fund held on hand to another fund of the same currency under the same manager.
Cancel order: cancel the orders of the day (subscribe/buy, redeem, and convert) not yet submitted to fund company. No cancellation on the orders submitted to fund company.
Set regular investment plan: set a plan to buy fund in fixed amount regularly. On behalf of you First Sino Bank will submit the application every month (one month is one cycle) on the fixed date in a fixed amount you specified.
Update/terminate regular investment plan: update or terminate the regular investment plan, if necessary.
Change dividend option: apply to fund registration organization via First Sino Bank to change the dividend option of the fund shares held on hand. If no dividend option is given, First Sino Bank system will automatically take the default option (money market fund – re-invest, cannot be changed; other funds – cash, can be changed).
Check account: look up the details in the fund account.
Open account: before you subscribe/buy fund, set regular investment plan or convert funds, you have to open a fund account at the fund registration organization.
Close account: if necessary, you can apply to fund registration organization via Bank to close the fund account.
Check account details: look up the details in the accounts when signing up the service.
Update account details: you can apply to change the account details except your personal particulars (Card No., Name, ID Type, ID No.).
Risk assessment: once you sign up the service, before you buy fund for the first time (subscribe fund, buy fund, set regular investment plan), you have to do a test on your risk tolerance.
Check fund held: look up the funds held on hand.
Check market quotes: view the market quotes of all the funds that First Sino Bank sold-on-behalf.
Check intra-day orders: look up the details and status of the transactions in a day.
Check history closing: check the closing details within the specified period.
Check regular investment plan: view the details of the regular investment plan.