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Working Capital Loan

Working Capital Loan refers to loans of home and foreign currency issued to address the borrower's normal production and business turnover or temporary working capital needs.
1. Short-term Working Capital Loan: working capital loan maturing within 1 year (inclusive).
2. Mid-term Working Capital Loan: working capital loan maturing from 1 year (exclusive) to 3 years (inclusive).
Functions and Features
Flexible loan tenor can address the temporary, short- and mid-term working capital needs of the borrower.
Target Clients
Any corporate, other organization, and self-employed business approved by and registered at the industry and commerce administrative authority (or supervising authority) and eligible for working capital loan release as per the General Provisions of Loans of the People's Bank of China and «First Sino Bank» regulations.
Currency and Tenor
The currency can be in home and foreign currencies. The loan tenor is negotiated between the borrower and lender according to the borrower's production cycle, repayment capacity, project evaluation, and «First Sino Bank» credit asset balancing capacity. The maximum tenor is 3 years.
Interest Rate
The loan interest rate is defined as per the benchmark interest rate and the floated scope regulated by the People's Bank of China. The interest rate should be stated in the contract.
Application Materials
1) Credit application;
2) The borrower’s general introduction and qualification documents, loan certificate (card), letter of authorization;
3) Corporate production and business activities and business workflow and performance;
4) Financial statement of the latest period and the recent three years audited or verified by the accredited institutions;
5) The borrower's proof of source of the fund for repayment, including sales contracts and cash budget;
6) Proof of the borrower’s internal chain of authorization;
7) Guarantee documents including guarantor's certificates, financial reports, guarantee commitment documents, list of pledge (mortgage) properties and title certificate;
8) Other documents as required by «First Sino Bank».