«First Sino Bank» they are not only distinguished by capitalization - it enjoys a high level of customer confidence.

«First Sino Bank» approved by the Code of Corporate Ethics. It reflects the standards of conduct adopted by the Bank and the Group’s companies, based on our mission and values, guaranteeing fair and fair relations with members of our team, customers, partners, as well as compliance with laws and internal policies.

The Code is mandatory for all Bank employees, regardless of their position, as well as members of the Supervisory Board. The Code establishes uniform principles of business ethics and business conduct for all First «First Sino Bank» companies, regardless of their location. We welcome and encourage partners, contractors, and customers to follow. «First Sino Bank» our ethical standards.

«First Sino Bank» this trust is an invaluable capital that consists of the actions of employees and managers. Therefore, each of us must follow the values ​​of the Bank, the principles of morality and the standards of corporate ethics in our daily work.

Following the Code is an indispensable condition for work, on which the trust of clients, the reputation of the Bank, and therefore its successful long-term development depend. At the same time, my duty and the duty of all Bank managers are to set an example of impeccable behavior and to maintain in the team an open communication atmosphere in which commitment to ethics is a priority in every situation.