First Sino Bank

Shanghai, China

«First Sino Bank»

One-Stop Service, Zero Distance

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Bank services

Online services

Internet banking is more profitable. Control your expenses. Transfer money instantly. Pay for services.

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Transfers and payments

Account in currency for receiving transfers from abroad. SWIFT. Transfers to legal entities.

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Loans and guarantees

Business Contract. Overdraft. Business Turnover. Business project. Business Real Estate.

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Bank branches

Head Office

New Shanghai Inter. Tower 200120, China

Shenzhen Branch

Tower B 518048 Shenzhen, China

Tianjin Branch

Xindu Tower 300073 Tianjin, China

Hong Kong branch

9/F., Fortress Tower, 250 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Suzhou Branch

1-3F, Hengyu Square, No.188 Xinghai Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, China

Account opening

You can open an account for free by filling out any of the service packages. When choosing a package, opening an account and its maintenance will be free.

Service cost

When choosing any package, account maintenance will be free. You can learn more about the cost of servicing other packages in the Bank Services section.

Loan without collateral

Yes, companies and business owners are given a loan, without collateral, both for solving current tasks and for implementing business development plans.

Bank guarantee

A bank guarantee is quite simple to get. Especially for the enforcement of government contracts, as well as commercial contracts.

Currency control

Passage of foreign exchange control, the legislative obligation of participants in foreign economic activity. All operations are subject to currency control.

Leasing clearance

The procedure for obtaining a lease depends on the product. The standard design scheme involves a clear sequence of actions.

Disclosure of information about the bank in accordance with the law