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Corporate Current Deposit

The Corporate Current Deposit is product of «First Sino Bank» where the depositor deposits the legal and temporarily idle fund into the bank without stipulation of the term of deposit for any-time withdrawal. Interest is calculated quarterly according to the current deposit rate published by the People's Bank of China.
The RMB current deposit account opened for fund collection, payment, and settlement for the depositor is known as the bank settlement account. By the purpose of use, the product can be classified into basic deposit account, general deposit account, special deposit account, and temporary deposit account.
Application Materials
1) Account opening application;
2) Proofs for open account required by regulations of the People's Bank of China;
3) signature/stamp specimen of the company seal;
4) ID documents of the legal representative or the company principal;
5) Power of Attorney issued by the legal representative or the company principal if applied by an authorized person and the ID document such person.