Bank Customs Link

Bank-Customs Link is a support service under China e-Port. Customs System, e-Port Data Center and First Sino Bank System are inter-connected. This is an accurate, fast and convenient service for corporate customers to pay customs duties online instead of the conventional way.
Corporate customers only need to log in to China e-Port website in the office, issue payment instructions as required. First Sino Bank will directly deduct the amount from corporate account after receiving the instruction. Goods can be cleared through the customs after successful payment.

Types of Duties can be paid online
Import duty, export duty, anti-dumping duty, import VAT, penalty income, deferred tax interest, deferred consumer tax interest, deferred VAT interest, import consumer tax, articles by post, monitoring fee, fee for delayed declaration, security deposit and late fee.
1. To pay online, declaration and duties payment can be done at e-Port Data Center website. Every step is transparent to user.
2. Online payment is signed using digital certificate instead of by hand. Fewer trips mean faster customs clearance, more efficient and less cost. Further, duties can be paid online if declared in other cities. This helps simplify the management of paying duties in other cities.
3. During customs clearance, paper-based voucher printed by Customs on-site will not be returned to company first. Instead, company can only collect the voucher after First Sino Bank verification and posting to Treasury. In this way, no paper involved during duties payment, no need for officer-in-charge to bring along the voucher to clear customs and handover to financial personnel.
4. System is open, low cost, and simple. Services are available around the clock every day of the year. Payment can be made anytime, anywhere.
5. Multi-level security measures taken to ensure the reliability of the system. Further, more support services are offered to let corporate clients fully enjoy fast and convenient e-Banking services.