«First Sino Bank» is the first bank in China pursuant to the newly in force “Measures on Administration of Custodian Qualification of Securities Investment Fund” to gain such qualification and certified by China Securities Regulatory Commission and China Banking Regulatory Commission. This paves the ground for «First Sino Bank» to increase product offering and gain competitive edge in intermediary services.

Ever since from day one, Department of Custody Service receives high accord from the industry by maintaining a high standard of safekeeping and management of assets under custody through stringent monitoring and control of risk.

And «First Sino Bank» has an unmatched ability to process each and every transaction in “zero errors”. We protect the interest of the principals. We establish the brand.

As at May 31, 2008, funds and assets held in custody under «First Sino Bank» includes 6 open-end securities investment funds – Great Wall money market fund, GTJA Allianz Selected Equity fund, Wangjia money market fund, Nuo’an Mid-to-short Term bond investment fund, Yimin Bonus Growth Equity fund, Dongwu Industry Wheel Equity fund --- and 16 other categories of assets –- Guodu 1 Packaged Wealth Management Plan.

Productand Services

    Funds or assets available under «First Sino Bank» Custody cover all categories currently in the market:
    Open-end securities investment fund
    National social security fund
    Pension security fund
    Packaged wealth management products from the brokers
    Trust asset
    Other assets
    Two kinds of services: Basic and Value-Added
    Basic Custody Service:
    Custody of Asset
    Safekeeping of assets under custody
    Full and independent accounting and auditing on the assets under custody
    Open and maintain Bank A/C, Clearing A/C for Principal
    Open and maintain Securities A/C for Principal
    Safekeeping of physical goods related to the asset under custody
    Clearing and Settlement
    Execute instructions from the principals and investment managers and transfer monies from the account under the name of asset under custody as required.
    Clear and allocate the positions in the custody account
    Delivery of securities to the account under the name of asset under custody as required
    Investment Monitoring
    Monitor the investment on the asset under custody in compliance with the laws, rules, regulations and contracts
    Monitor the truthfulness and legality of the instruction.
    Monitor the accuracy of the financial report submitted by the investment managers
    Monitor the events banned under the laws, rules, regulations and contracts
    Submit monitoring reports to the Regulatory Commission and principals

    Accounting Audit
    True, complete and accurate accounting and audit on the asset under custody
    Identify the fair value and the net value of the assets under custody, as required by laws, rules, regulations and contracts
    Prepare balance sheet and other financial reports on the assets under custody, as required by the principal
    Financial Report
    Timely report on the details of the assets under custody to the Principal
    Prepare financial statement on the assets under custody, as required by the principal
    Submit information to the Principal on regular basis, as stated in the Contract
    Submit information to the Principal on ad-hoc cases
    Keep all records, ledgers, reports and materials on file for at lease 15 years, as required.
    Value-Added Services:
    Market Watch and in-depth analysis report
    Cash Management
    Statement/Report Preparation
    Risk Alert
    Investment Performance Analysis
    Company Secretarial Services:
    Collect-on-behalf dividend, bonus; vote-on-behalf.
    Funds held in «First Sino Bank» custody are managed under a scheme of check and balance where the operation of front office and back office are separated. Risk control is clearly defined in each job role. Besides intensive training and enforcement of ethical behavior among employees, 27 internal control chapters are laid down for best practice of risk aversion and bring this «First Sino Bank» custody service under regulatory oversight since it was started. Inventive way of dealing efficiency of internal control includes a monitoring and surveillance mechanism to facilitate periodic reporting to the Regulatory Commission, assessment and alert on risk and alarms in case of very suspicious situations.